Welcome to WiCi Concept the toilets with basin specialist !

Space-saving, hygiene, aesthetics, convenience and water-saving !

The WiCi Concept toilets with basin combination and the adaptable hand wash basin kits make a very smart alternative to disbanded associations of toilets and hand wash basins in small sanitary rooms.

They are intended to both private use at home (house or flat) or in public building of any type.

Since 2010, we work as much with private individuals, than professionals of the construction / renovation / plumbing fields and those of the retailing / trade.


Benefits of toilets with basin

  • Great optimization of the space
  • Originality, convenience and hygiene
    No need to go in the bathroom or the kitchen anymore
  • Water savings through the collection of the hand wash basin's used waters that supplies the tank
    Save from 200 to 2000 liters per year !
  • The range counts 3 products, from the simplest to the most sophisticated
  • Many customization possibilities (options, accessories, made to measure)
  • Complete kit, nothing to add and easy to install
  • French design and manufacture
  • Basins made from high-quality acrylic material
  • Easier access and sensibilisation of the users

Our range of toilets with basin and accessories

  • The small sink kit to easily fit on your existing toilet "WiCi Mini".
  • The washbasin kit to install directly on your existing toilet "WiCi Concept".
  • The wall-mounted toilets with integrated hand wash basin "WiCi Boxi".
  • The Geberit wall-mounted toilets with integrated compact basin "WiCi Next"
  • Washbasins and sinks, input and countertop basins, wall-hung and corner basins, basins for disabled people and vanity units, without toilet components
  • Flexible pray hose, Japanese flaps, and other accessories...
  • A wide range of bathroom and toilet furniture

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