fellow adaptability

Can I install a wash-basin kit on an existing toilet ?

How can I know that your kits are compatible to a particular toilet ?

What if my toilet tank is in plastic rather than in glazed ceramic ?

But it is impossible to install the WiCi Boxi basin on an existing wall-mounted toilet ?

Practical operation

fellow operation

How exactly does the filling of the toilet tank work ?

So it is not possible to overfill the cistern and flood the washroom by using the basin ?

How do you get to the wash-basin when you are facing the toilet? Especially if the washroom is very narrow ? ...

What deepth does the sanitary room has to be to set up a WiCi Boxi ?

Will I splash water everywhere when using my integrated wash-basin on top of my toilet ?

... Is it the same product I saw in a large store ?

DO I absolutely need the services of a professional to install your product ?

What kind of water savings are we talking about ?

Doesn’t the soapy water clog up the cistern ?

What materials do you use for your basins ?

Does WiCi Concept only come in white ?

Is the metal towel hook always included ?

What is the brand of the (ceramic) toilets included in your kits ?

What is the brand of the brand of the toilet seats you offer in your kits ?

Purchase and delivery

fellow delivery

How can I work out the cost of the WiCi Concept product I wish to buy ?

Do professionals benefit from special trade-rates ?

Is shipping cost included ?

What is the delivery time ?

How to see and how to buy a combine toilets and hand wash basin and the adaptable basins of the WiCi Concept range of product ?

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