Our solutions of toilet and sink combo and intimate shower-hose

The toilet and sink combo and the compatible basins adaptable to existing setups, form the WiCi Concept ® range of products which were developed by Atelier Création JF in order to offer a different choice to the traditional, separate toilet and basin which will not always fit in smaller spaces.

The shower hose is both meant to be used for intimate hygiene and for the cleaning of your WC.

WiCi Boxi : the wall-mounted toilet and sink combos

Would you like to change your WC?
WiCi Boxi is an amazing top of range Geberit wall-mounted WC with integrated wash-basins. These resolutely modern and customisable products (casings, taps,...) offer space-saving in small sanitary rooms, with a maximum of design and convenience.

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WiCi Next : the Geberit wall-mounted toilets with compact basin

WiCi Next ® is a real revolution for small sanitary rooms ! With a compact basin entirely integrated to top of the range Geberit wall-mounted toilets, WiCi Next ® is a more compact and more design alternative to the well-known WiCi Boxi ® wall-mounted toilet with integrated hand wash basin !

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WiCi Concept : the easiest way to transform your bathrooms into a toilet and sink combo

Are you looking for novelty in your washroom, without undergoing major refurbishment work?
A basin that can be easily adapted to an existing close-coupled toilet, WiCi Concept is our best-selling product. Easy to install and usable immediately, this convenient solution will allow you to both save space and water. Are you looking for something unique ?

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WiCi Mini: the small toilet and sink combo

Are you looking to gain space without spending much?
WiCi Mini is our smallest basin solution. Very quickly adapted to most close-couple toilets, it is half the price of WiCi Concept but its ergonomic design maintains the same functionalities. And like the rest of our products, it is also customisable.

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The WiCi Concept washbasins

The WiCi Concept range of washbasins is available without toilet components !
Find out about the basins set into or put on a cabinet or a countertop, the wall-hung and corner basins, the washbasins for mobility-impaired people and the vanity units for any type of bathrooms.
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The intimate wash shower-hose

This small shower head can be easily adapted to your toilets and is as much meant for personal hygene as it is to be used to economically clean your WC. The shower-hose can be installed on any toilet, whether or not you have a WiCi Concept basin. See our different models and Japanese toilet seats.

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Toilet furniture : toilet cabinets, column storage cabinets, vanity units

Our team has selected toilet cabinets, column storage units and toilet furniture fitting perfectly with our toilet and sink combos within small sanitary rooms or bathrooms.
Find out more abouttheir modern design and top-of-the-range and the space-saving you can benefit!

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