WiCi Concept Toilet cabinets

You need handy and elegant storage areas in your toilet room or your bathroom ?
Our team has selected for you a furniture range (toilet cabinets, all-in-one vanity units, « cube » toilet toppers, column storage cabinets,…) in order to decorate small sanitary rooms, whether or not they are equipped with a WiCi Concept hand wash basin. Gain space in an aesthetic and elegant way !

"Cube" toilet toppers

If you wish to embellish your small toilet room with simple and practical storage furniture, occupying a minimum space, choose one of the « cube » toilet toppers that we offer.

Ease to set up, the Creta Cube design, composed of a door with 2 shelves, you will gain storage area in the smallest rooms, while not taking a toll on the volume of circulation within the room.

      The Creta Cube storage unit is available on the WiCi Concept shop !

Column storage cabinets

If you have very little space available in your toilet room to store your cleaning products or your toilet paper, we have selected design column storage cabinet, adapted for the smallest sanitary rooms.

The WiCi Agrios model, for examples, can be ideally placed over a toilet and hand wash basin combo and offer you a maximum storage possibilities thanks to its 3 height-adjustable shelves.

      The WiCi Agrios, column storage cabinet with 2 shelves, is available on the WiCi Concept online shop !WiCi Agrios, colonne de toilette avec 2 étagères, est disponible sur la boutique WiCi Concept !

Toilet cabinets

You can also choose a toilet cabinet, with or without a mirror, among the ones that we have selected for you. It is ideal for the ladies who wish to have a maximum storage in a small space for their make up or hair accessories, but also for the gentlemen who will have some space for their mowers, shavers and other small mischievous accessories !

The WiCi Crios toilet cabinet is available in 3 sizes and 2 colours (white and anthracite) and has 2 glass doors.

      The WiCi Crios bathroom cabinets are available on the WiCi Concept online shop !

Vanity units

We have also chosen to offer vanity units that you can install in any small urban bathroom !

The WiCi Iaso design, available in 2 colours (white and anthracite) is an all-in-one unit that will embellish any sanitary room or your bathroom, while procuring hygiene and convenience.

                      Find out about the WiCi IASO vaniry unit on our online shop !