What you need to know about toilet shower hoses

Alternative to complicate Japanese toilets, this small shower head is as much efficient for intimate hygiene and comfort. Moreover, it permits an economical way of flushing and cleaning your toilets.

There are a lot of benefits in a (good) shower hose. The installation is really simple and quick. For you WiCi Concept has looked for several types of shower hoses on the market for the best quality/prices/features :
And the winner is « Sanitie Jet ».

Toilet shower hose: the set

This complete set includes the Sanitie Jet tap splitter (avoiding self-pierced valves and plumbing competition), a stopcock specific adapter with a hose and seals and quality shower head with its wall bracket and hardware.

This way, the set can be easily mounted on any toilet without flap substitution. The shower hose set does not require a WiCi Concept wash basin on the tank.

Toilet shower hose:
an economical and ecological product

Beyond its religious (ablutions,…) or health (hemorrhoids…) benefits, the toilet shower hose offers to everyone’s butt a unique feeling of freshness and cleanness. An all this without high costs or big space need since toilets tend to be traditionally small.

Not only you can save time but also money on toilet paper. Believe us, there is really a before and an after the toilet shower hose.

"For the customers willing to get even more comfort, we have also selected two Japanese or electronic bidet toilet seats. You can find all their detailed features in our online shop."

However, did you know that an average European uses about 29 pounds toilet paper each and every year, start saving now!