Behind the toilet with built-in basin solutions: Atelier Création JF

Atelier Création JF was founded on 08/08/2008 in Franche Comté, this lovely region where France, Germany and Switzerland meet.
A small, independent multidisciplinary engineering office, we manufacture and sell innovative bathroom products.

WiCi Concept : behing the toilet with built-in basin   Where to find Atelier Creation JF

Our guiding principles, when developing new products, are as follows:
  • Functional and design differentiation
  • Manufacturing processes adapted to planned budgetary constraints
We use mostly thermoplastic materials, especially acrylic materials, rather than wood, ceramics and metals.

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The toilet with built-in basin : WiCi Concept ®

In 2010, we launched our first model of toilet with built-in basin, with the ambition to offer new solutions on a market that had seen little design innovation in a long time.

Through WiCi Concept ®, a wash-basin kit that adapts to existing WC toilet tank, we wished to combine elegance, hygiene and convenience within small toilet rooms.

In addition, and this remains the exception to this day, it offers the choice to keep your existing toilets, while, concurrently, renovating its actual functional parts!
Finally, every toilet with built-in-basin can be customized thanks to an full range of options and accessories : the online shop offers a configurator for that purpose.
Drawings of the toilet with built-in basins

In the end, whether it is a new building, a renovation or a simple improvement of an existing installation, our smart toilet with build-in basins, enabling to save water and gain space, have shown to be particularly adapted to the following :
  • Private housing (flats and houses) with small toilet rooms
  • Small professional offices with waiting rooms
  • Small local shops
  • Cafes, hotels, restaurants, B&Bs
  • Offices, administrations, show-rooms, community centres,...

From 2010 to 2014, the toilet with built-in basin family grows !

After extensive and positive internet, press and even TV coverage in France, the now traditional WiCi Concept model was complemented in 2011 with the small wash-basin kit WiCi Mini and, in 2013 with the amazing combined boxed, back-to-the-wall WC-wash-basin WiCi Boxi, a completely innovative product, with a wall-mounted toilet basis.

WiCi Concept range

This completes the first stage of development of our small company: we are today able to meet the different expectations of a large range of clients and have demonstrated in a few years the reliability of our sales-support as well as that of our product range as shows the testimonials of many of our valuable customers and the many pictures of installed products sent to us by our, individual and professional, customers.
To this day, our products have seduced thousands of people across France and abroad : in Belgium, in Switzerland, in the Netherlands, in the US, in Germany, in Austria...Are you the next fully satisfied customer ?

We provide our website and our contact form for any furthur information linked to our technical development or the marketing of the WiCi Concept ® range.

We also welcome our customers, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 7pm, in our production premises (appointment advised) at the following address :

WiCi Concept ® par Atelier Création JF
ZAC Technoland 2
1575 allée Hugoniot
Phone : +33 (0)3 81 96 63 09