WiCi Concept washbasins

The WiCi Concept range of wash basins are intended to be set into or put on a countertop or a cabinet, in your bathroom or your sanity room.

Many types of washbasins and sinks that fit your tastes and your needs are available :

The WiCi Boxi and WiCi Next inset or countertop basins

The inset or countertop basins are the versions without the toilet components of the WiCi Boxi or WiCi Next wall-hung toilets with basin and fits perfectly into a countertop or a cabinet in any bathroom.

Three models are available : the inset washbasin identical to the WiCi Boxi Design 1 basin, the countertop washbasin identical to the WiCi Boxi Design 2 basin and the compact vanity basin identical the WiCi Next basin.

The WiCi Mini wall-hung or corner basins

The small WiCi Mini hand wash basin is also available without toilets : the corner basin with its single part wall-support and the wall-hung basin with its 3 part wall-support are small complementary wash basins that can easily be set up in the smallest sanitary rooms.

With their wall-supports in stainless steel, the corner and wall-hung basins can be set up on any wall of your sanitary room and bring space-saving, convenience and design.

These small wash basins are supplied with all the components for a quick and easy set up..

WiCi Mini and WiCi Bati for disabled and mobility impaired-people

In order to allow public buildings to meet the requirements of access to mobility-impaired people, we have developped an accessible version of our WiCi Mini and WiCi Boxi basins, to be set up in public buildings.

Elus products of the year 2014 by construction works professionals, these two products are savvy, compact et handy solutions to upgrade to the norms for any type of public building.

The WiCi Mini and WiCi Boxi disabled wash basins include all the water-supply connexions for a quick set up.

They both include a wall-support in stainless steel or in wood.

The vanity units

We have chose to offer you a range of vanity units that you can install in any kind of small-sized urban bathroom !
Four designs are available on our online shop and can fit the decoration of any bathroom.

Retrouvez le meuble sous-vasque WiCi Iaso sur la boutique WiCi Concept